Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Terms & Conditions”, “the Terms”) carefully before  booking Driving Lessons with Simply Driving.

It is in your interest to periodically review these Terms, as they may change. Acceptance of these Terms constitutes a legally-binding contract between You and Simply Driving.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Commencement, or continuation of driving lessons with Simply Driving is acceptance, by you, of these Terms & Conditions;
  2. You must produce your Photocard Driving License (either Provisional or Full) prior to, or at the commencement of the first lesson, and you must disclose any traffic offences committed by you, as well as any disqualification periods of which you are subject to;
  3. You should take driving lessons regularly, i.e. weekly or fortnightly, and attend appointments promptly, and in good physical and mental condition;
  4. You must ensure that your mobile telephone is either switched off or placed on silent (or Do Not Disturb) before the start of each lesson;
  5. No smoking is permitted in the Driving School Vehicle;
  6. Drinks may be allowed, however, consumption of food is strictly prohibited;
  7. Violent, abusive or threatening behaviour by students will not be tolerated, and will be reported to the Police;
  8. Students suspected of being impaired by drink or drugs (“Under the Influence”) when attending a driving lesson will not be permitted to drive, and the lesson will be terminated with immediate effect – the full lesson fee will still be charged in such circumstances;
  9. The lesson fee may also be charged if a driving lesson is cancelled without a minimum of 24 hours’ notice;
  10. Intensive Driving Courses require 14 days’ notice of cancellation;
  11. Cancelled lessons, or irregular lessons will disqualify students from any special offer entitlements;
  12. Repeated short-notice cancellations will result in pre-payment being required for all subsequent lesson bookings;
  13. Payment for lessons will normally be accepted at the start of each driving lesson by cash, direct bank transfer, or pre-paid;
  14. Block booking payments can be made by cash or by direct bank transfer, Bank Account information is available upon request;
  15. Block booking payments for hours are non-transferable between different students and students are restricted to a single lesson deal, and are not entitled to take advantage of different or multiple lesson deals;
  16. Refunds issued for cancelled Intensive Driving Courses or Block Bookings will incur a 20% deduction on the amount of the original payment made;
  17. All special offers or block bookings must be completed within 12 weeks of starting lessons with Simply Driving, or the offer will lapse;
  18. Free Loyalty Hours cannot be exchanged for payment of cash and are non-transferable to any other person;
  19. Prior to booking your Practical Driving Test, check availability with us, and always use your Driving Instructor’s ADI number (available on request) to avoid double bookings;
  20. A minimum of 21 days’ notice of a booked Practical Driving Test is normally required;
  21. Students will not be permitted to take their Practical Driving Test until they have shown a reasonable standard of skill and ability during a Mock Driving Test, to determine their ability;
  22. We reserve the right to withhold or withdraw the use of the Driving School Vehicle for a Practical Driving Test if we believe you have not reached the required standard to be able to take your test, or for any other reason that we may deem appropriate (i.e. your physical or emotional unfitness);
  23. We are not financially liable for the cancellation or postponement of your Practical Driving Test for any reason beyond our control or reasonable excuse (i.e. Test cancellation due to inclement weather). Lesson fees must still be paid in these circumstances, as you are able to claim compensation from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (the DVSA);
  24. All logos, wordmarks, designs, websites and anything else that bears the Simply Driving brand is considered our intellectual property unless otherwise stated;

Contacting Simply Driving

You can contact Simply Driving through the contact form on the Simply Driving website

(, by email at, calling or texting 07852 864 354, or, through Social Media.

If we are unable to respond to your query immediately, then we will contact you as soon as reasonably possible, usually within 24 hours.


We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any such time as we deem appropriate. We will aim to provide at least 15 days notice, and we will advise of this change on our website.